CEU European Business School in Hungary

Provides international education programs in Hungary: first degree, undergraduate degree, dual degree in international business, executive mba, american mba, weekend mba


Our mission is to create customized recruiting services that allow your organization to meet its individual recruiting objectives for full-time and internship hiring. While our full time MBA students are available for part-time work, projects and internships, our Weekend MBA students are in most cases, already employed, but open to potential career changes.


Recruitment Options

 Corporate Showcases
Making a company presentation to MBA and MSc in IT Management candidates gives your company the opportunity to present itself to our students and serves marketing and PR purposes along with sharing information about your company, its history, corporate culture, product and activities, employment opportunities and position requirements.

 Usually held once a month, it gives companies, especially those working in the CEE region, an ideal platform to present current topics, challenges, expansions and hiring trends to our student body.

Posting Job Offers
Our Career Services Office gladly posts job advertisements about your current vacancies to our student on our intranet. Interested students will be able to contact you or your colleagues directly and submit their resumés electronically via email or indirectly, through our office, when prescreening of the resumés (by our Staff and Faculty Members) is available as well.

 Resumé Books
Our Resumé Book of MBA and MSc candidates offers an efficient way of matching a candidate’s profile with your hiring needs. There is no charge for this service (or any other services of the Career Services Office). Our Resumé Books are available online, which you can download in a PDF file from here.   (For a username and password, please email us at the email address below.) Hardcopies and/or CD versions of the Resumé Book are also available upon request. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact the Career Services Staff at careerservices@ceubusiness.com

You can review the Resumé Book at your convenience and contact the candidate(s) directly. Alternatively, we are also glad to recommend students matching specific criteria of your vacancy (e.g. specific background, work experience, personality features, etc.)

 Vacancies for senior professionals
As the history of the CEU Business School dates back to 1988, we have a wealth of experienced professionals, over 900,  who graduated with their management degree. Through our Alumni webpage, we can post your more experienced positions for CEU Business School alumni to view. Interested candidates will then contact you directly to apply for the posted positions. For alumni postings, please contact Monika Sztrakay in the Career Services Office at careerservices@ceubusiness.com