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Contact a student

We feel that to truly understand what it's like to be a student, it's best to ask one directly! Please find below several current students' profiles and their contact information if you would like to get in touch with them.

Name:                                Andreas BRAUN - MBA Candidate 2006
Nationality:                         German
Undergrad Degree:            Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
                                          TU Bergakademie, Freiberg, Germany
Work Experience:              SIEMENS AG, Munich/Berlin, Germany
                                          Press Manager, Division Information and Communications Mobile
Quote:                               ”My MBA experience really has surpassed my prospects. I
                                          expected I would round up my business education. I never did
                                          think that at the same time I would meet so many great people,
                                          learn so much about different cultures and have such a good
                                          time -in such a stimulating environment”

                                         Contact Andreas 

Name:                               Julianne TELEKY - MBA Candidate 2006
Nationality:                        American
Undergrad Degree:           Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
                                         Columbia University, New York, USA
Work Experience:             The After-School Corporation (non profit), New York, USA
                                         Communica tions Coordinator
Quote:                              ”The CEU MBA has opened my eyes to a world of new
                                         possiblities, thanks to the international students and faculty. ”

                                         Contact Julie      

Name:                                Robert SOMOGYI - MBA Candidate 2006
Nationality:                        Canadian
Undergrad Degree:           Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
                                         Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada
Work Experience:             Husky Injection Molding Systems SA, Dudelange, Luxembourg
                                         Software Project Manager - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)Quote:                              "The CEU MBA has been a fantastic experience owing both to the
                                         quality of the Program and the international backgrounds of the
                                         Students and Faculty. It is opening up many opportunities for me,
                                         while also building on my past work experience."

                                        Contact Rob

Name:                               Stefan PETKOV - MBA Candidate 2006
Nationality:                        Bulgarian
Undergrad Degree:          Bachelor of Science in Finance and Investment Banking
                                         University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria
Work Experience:             Inmak-2000 Ltd., Goce Delchev, Bulgaria
                                         Quality Manager
Quote:                              ”The MBA at CEU Business School really helps me develop and
                                         improve my managerial skills in a quite international business
                                         environment. Both faculty and students have diverse
                                         backgrounds and professional experience which gives me an
                                         extensive overview of the management practices in CEE”

                                        Contact Stefan